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Metalloid manufactures an extensive line of MicroLubricants used in the process known as Minimum Quantity Lubrication(MQL) or Near Dry Machining (NDM)

Metalloid’s Metalworking Fluids (MWF) are used to cut, form, clean, protect and condition metal surfaces and the products manufactured from them.

Metalloid has the specialized lubricant technology you need for medical and aerospace applications.

Metalloid’s goal is to be recognized as the leader in “green” lubricant technology through the utilization of botanical technologies.

Metalloid’s METKLEEN cleaner line is designed to remove soils in any application and on any metal. We manufacture alkaline cleaners, acid cleaners, emulsion cleaners, and “green” cleaners.

Metalloid Manufacturers a full line of gun maintenance products that are environmentally safe.

Metalloid’s FinWorks business has grown continually over the last 15 years and today Metalloid is a global leader in HVAC & R manufacturing lubricant technology.

Metalloid applied their expertise in botanical technologies to manufacture “green” wiredrawing lubricants and products that are safe for us and the world we share


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